Deposit / Pick up policy After you have been notified that your puppy application has been approved, we ask that you send a $500 deposit via money order, cash or Paypal.  Using Paypal may include an additional fee of 3%. In a case incident that another approved home is interested in the same puppy, the deposit we receive first will be the home that receives the puppy. Once we have received your deposit and you have picked your pup, we expect payment in full by 6 weeks of age.  Should we not receive payment in full by 8 weeks of age, the puppy will go to the next approved home.  If you have failed to make full payment on your puppy, arrangements must be made before pickup.  If you have changed your mind, the deposit is non-refundable. In some cases, we may offer a credit for another available puppy of equal value from a different litter not to exceed two years. No exceptions.  If we have received payment in full, please arrange to have your puppy picked up by 8 to10 weeks of age unless prearranged with us.  If your puppy is not in your possession by 10 weeks of age, unless otherwise prearranged with us in written agreement, the puppy will go to the next available approved home.  Your monies will be refunded in credit toward an available pup by Living a Legacy Bulldogges with the exception of the deposit.  In this case, the deposit will be non-refundable in any form. If a credit is used toward a different puppy from another litter and that particular puppy is not picked up by 10 weeks of age, that puppy will go to the next available home and any credit will be revoked and non-refundable. We will not ship our puppies via airline cargo or baggage. The puppy’s safety, health and well being are paramount. Animals experience the same sensations as people such as airsickness, anxiety and dehydration. Many airlines have set regulations for bulldog type dogs and certain airlines have banned breeds with growing concern for the pets traveling cargo. For this reason, please make arrangements to fly to pick up your puppy. Be sure to schedule your return flight accompanied by your puppy in cabin. We recommend researching all of the necessary paperwork to meet the rules and regulations of the airport but also the governing destination. If at all possible, schedule a direct flight. Layovers can also be a very stressful event for your new puppy. You will be responsible for the cost of the health certificate. Airlines may also have regulations for the carry on crate. Please make sure it is approved in advance. Once your puppy is in your possession, you must be aware of any stress induced condition as a result of flying. Be prepared to assist your pup should the need arise.   We prefer that you make arrangements to drive and to pick up your puppy.  We will not ask you to do anything we have not done.  We will not use ground transport.  It is important to us you recieve a happy and healthy puppy.  We can not guarantee health after exposure to other puppies of which we have no knowledge.  Ground transport can be very stressful.  If reasonable and possible we will drive to meet you and deliver your puppy.  A small fee may apply. Picking up your puppy personally is now law and also preferred   Why?  We welcome you to visit with us.  We encourage you to view our home and facility and more than likely, you will be able to meet the Sire and the Dam of your puppy.  If not both parents, most certainly you can meet one of the parents. We take great pride in the environment in which the pups are raised.  Our dogs live with us as a part of the family in our home. 
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