Welcome to Living a Legacy Bulldogges We feel the purebred Olde English Bulldogge is one of the most versatile breeds in existence.  This stunning breed is known for intelligence, athleticism and working abilities in addition to being a loving and loyal family companion.  These dogs thrive when they have a “job.” Many in the breed today are performance dogs with agile characteristics.  They possess a determined stamina with the ability to maintain endurance and have the physical capabilities of the dog  described of the Regency Era Bulldog. Before we will consider breeding our dogs, each dog is evaluated.  The dog must be an all around package of breed standard, sound temperament and good health.  We want you to have many wonderful years with your new companion. Our dogs are the progeny of dogs we feel are prime examples of the breed.  Our main goal for breeding is for the continued betterment of the breed. We prove our quality dogs through conformation shows and working events to produce potential champions.  For us, breeding select Bulldogges is a way of  living not a means for a living.   Thank you for visiting!
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