Living a Legacy Bulldogges Puppy Application You must complete this application in order to be considered for one of our pups. Please copy, complete your answers and paste into an email addressed to Name Spouse Significant other Address City State Zip Telephone # Cell # Email address Interested in a male / female produced by Name of Sire / Name of Dam Markings of the puppy of interest Puppy number Completing the application to be put on the waiting list? Yes / No We would like a pup that is show quality / pet quality. (Please note that the breeder can not guarantee a pup to be show quality) We want a show quality puppy because… Please answer the following … 1. Why do you feel this breed is the right dog for you? 2. Please tell us the characteristics you hope to find in the dog… 3. Have you previously owned a bully breed or working dog? A. If yes please state breed 4. What role will the dog fill for you? 5. Are you familiar with the needs of the working dog? A. If yes, please explain how you plan to meet those needs. 6. Does everyone in the family want a dog? 7. Are there children in the home? If yes, please state ages… 8. Is there anyone in the home that suffers from allergies related to animals or asthma? 9. Are there other pets in the household? If yes, please state the type of animal, breed, age and sex… 10. Are the animals in your home spayed or neutered? A. Current on vaccinations? B. If you have a dog…on heartworm prevention? 11. Have you ever had to rehome a dog? If yes, please explain… 12. If your last dog was given away, are you still in touch with the new owner? 13. Are you renting or buying your home? 14. If renting, please state your landlord’s name, address and phone number… 15. How long have you resided at this address? 16. Are you planning to move in the near future? 17. If you were to move, what would you do if the new facility would not allow pets? 18. Do you have a fenced yard? 19. If you do not have a fenced yard, what plans do you have to allow your dog to eliminate and exercise? 20. Will your dog be left outdoors unattended for any period of time? 21. Do you plan to keep the dog indoors or outdoors for living quarters? 22. Do you currently have a veterinarian? If so, please provide the name, address and phone number… 23. Do we have permission to contact your veterinarian for a reference? 24. Are you familiar with the local ordinance in your area pertaining to the current dog law? 25. How long will your dog be left alone during the day? 26. Are you willing to crate train your dog and use a crate while you are away? 27 Are you willing to attend obedience classes with your dog? 28. Would you prefer a pup with the potential to be a working dog with high drive? Moderate or low energy level? 28. Are you willing to properly socialize the puppy with people, pets and children outside of your home? 29. Would you be willing to keep Living a Legacy Bulldogges informed of any health issues your dog may have throughout the years? 30. In the event that you could not keep your dog, what would you do? 31 Are you hoping this pup will be protective? A family member? Friend and companion? Guard dog? Other _______________ 32.  Do you plan to include this dog in a breeding program whether of your own or another breeder’s program? 33. Are you prepared to make a lifetime commitment to this puppy? List any behaviors that you would consider not acceptable
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