Living a Legacy Bulldogges Please complete all information and initial beside statements.  By initialing the statements the buyer agrees and understands all of the terms of this contract. Puppy Purchase Agreement Living a Legacy Bulldogges agrees to sell to _________________________________ Of ___________________________________________________________________ City _________________________________ State _______  Zip _______________ Co-Owner __________________________________________ Of ____________________________________________________________________ City _________________________________  State _______ Zip _______________ One puppy:  Gender ( M  /  F) Whelped      /         /      Color / markings ______________________________________________________ Sire __________________________________ Reg # _______________________  X Dam__________________________________ Reg # _______________________ The breeder agrees to furnish the buyer(s) with the necessary health information including all shots and worming records.  The registration application will be executed at the time of purchase.  The buyer understands that the puppy will be eligible for permanent registration. The purchase price of the above puppy is $ ______________ + Tax Breeder’s Obligation _____ The said puppy is GUARATEED AS FOLLOWS:  To be in good physical condition upon receipt of the puppy.  The said puppy is current on vaccinations, wormed and received a negative stool sample for Giardia  and Coccydiosis.  The buyer(s) agree to have the said puppy examined by a veterinarian of their choice within the first three business days after buyer ownership for a complete physical examination.  If a veterinarian finds the puppy to have a contagious disease or have a life threatening serious physical condition the seller will replace the puppy with another of comparable quality.  The breeder reserves the right to a second veterinary opinion at the expense of the breeder.  If the said puppy is not examined by a veterinarian within 3 days after delivery time, the above guarantees are no longer in effect.  No money will be refunded. _____  To be free of any genetic disease that causes death or serious impairment of vital functions in the puppy for the lifetime of the dog.  This guarantee provided the buyer supplies necropsy reports and  / or documentational evidence proving a genetically inherited disease caused as a result of this breeding.  Documentation consisting of sufficient supporting evidence must be provided by the buyer’s veterinarian and presented to the breeder within two weeks.  The breeder’s veterinarian will review the documentation and upon determining the evidence to be true without reasonable doubt, the buyer will be entitled to a kennel credit from Living a Legacy Bulldogges in the amount of comparable quality but no more than the purchase price of the above said puppy. _____ The breeder will show proof of Xrays and clearance of hip and elbow dysplasia in the parents of the breeding resulting in the offspring of the above said puppy.  The dog and bitch have been approved by the OFA organization.  Dysplasia is guaranteed for the life of the dog providing evidence of inherited disease.  Due to contributing factors such as poor diet, inadequate exercise, overexerting exercise resulting in damaged joints etc a kennel credit will NOT be offered to the buyer toward a puppy from a different breeding if this is found to be the case.  All evidence and documentation must be provided to the breeder within two weeks from diagnosis and consisting of supporting documentation proving without a doubt the dysplasia is a result of inheritance. _____ The dog will have permanent identification in the form of microchip prior to the puppy’s release to owner. The primary contact will be Living a Legacy Bulldogges with the secondary contact being the new owner. _____ To be sound in temperament, that is, to be neither shy nor vicious as to render the dog an unfit companion.  This guarantee is only until the dog reaches 1 year of age, if sold as a puppy, and is contingent upon reasonable proof that any defect in temperament is not the result of lack of proper care, lack of socialization or lack of professional training on the part of the buyer(s). _____ The said puppy will be up to date on vaccines and worming and examined by the breeder‘s veterinarian.  The breeder has practiced due diligence to ensure the buyer(s) a healthy puppy. **Should a replacement be required and Living a Legacy Bulldogges is not in a position where a litter can be produced within a reasonable time period , the buyer agrees to accept the kennel credit toward a puppy in comparable quality from a different sire and dam owned by Living a Legacy Bulldogges not to exceed two years.  No moneys will be refunded. Buyer’s Obligation _____ Said puppy has been raised and socialized so as to maximize the potential of temperament, to the best of the breeder’s ability.  The buyer(s) understand that further instructional professional classes and efforts must be made to ensure the continued development of socially acceptable behavior. _____ The buyer agrees to use the kennel name “Living a Legacy” as the kennel prefix in the registered name of the above said puppy. _____ The buyer agrees in the event that the dog later needs to be sold, re-homed or otherwise transferred from the possession of the buyer(s), for whatever reason the seller will have the absolute rights to first refusal to repurchase the said puppy for a sum not to exceed the original purchase price.  Failure to give Rights to First Refusal will result in legal action. _____The buyer(s) agree to maintain a routine vaccination history, regular veterinary check ups, begin heartworm prevention as instructed by the veterinarian and commit to  care in the event of an emergency veterinary needs. _____ The buyer(s) agrees that if the said puppy is to be raised as a hopeful quality breeding dog and was sold without a spay/vasectomy agreement, and is subsequently bred with only approval only from a registration approved by Living a Legacy Bulldogges.  It is stated and agreed that any and all of the progeny may NEVER be sold, given, leased to any wholesaler, puppy broker, retailer, experimental facilities, puppy mills or persons involved with the same.  All progeny will be sold and placed with care including a signature legal binding contract to insure the safety, well being and good health of the animals both physically and mentally. _____ The buyer agrees that this puppy will not be used for dog fighting or bait training.  _____The puppy is NEVER to live on a chain, rope or cable.  _____The above said puppy is never to be left for unreasonable lengths of time without adequate care, fresh water, food and shelter. _____Buyer(s) agree to notify Living a Legacy Bulldogges within one month prior or post to any change of address, phone number or email address _____Buyer(s)  agree to comply with all local laws and ordinances relating to the keeping of the above said puppy including licensing and leash laws. _____Buyer(s) agree to comply with said terms of ownership requirements and responsibilities.  Buyer(s) understand that should the buyer(s)  in any way neglect the emotional or physical well being of said puppy, actions will result in repossession of the said puppy either by agreement or by writ of possession by Living a Legacy Bulldogges without civil recourse by the buyer(s). _____Buyer hereby states they are not falsifying any information on the application. _____Buyer is not misrepresenting themselves as a puppy home with conflicting interest and intention of breeding the puppy under the auspice of another breeding organization and acknowledges theft by deception charges will be filed toward both offenders in the Commonwealth State of Pennsylvania.  _____Buyer understands and agrees the puppy is being sold on co-ownership rights inducing a separate contract of agreement and including this contract. _____Should a buyer purchase a puppy with breeding rights, it is agreed that registration is strictly through the original registry under UKC and the auspice of the OEBKC.  _____The above puppy will be referred in breed as an Olde English Bulldogge.  To be called any other breed name under a different organization will be considered conflict of interest prejudicial to the breed.  Our breed is not to be referred to or mistaken as a Leavitt Bulldog. Companion options The buyer(s) agree to and understand that the said puppy is being sold on a Non Breeding Contract.  It is understood that registration papers for the puppy will not be given for the said dog until the breeder receives a certificate of sterilization on veterinarian letter head from the veterinarian of the buyer’s choice.  Upon presentation of the ovary sparing spay / vasectomy neuter certificate of the above said puppy at 2yrs of age of the purchase date, the breeder agrees to refund $100 dollars to the buyer(s).  Failure to sterilize the above said puppy at 2 yrs of age of purchase will result in legal action against the buyer(s) to the fullest extent of the law unless the health of the animal demands otherwise.  In this case a letter from a veterinarian must be received by the breeder providing explanation as to why the puppy has not been sterilized.  The puppy will be repossessed by Living a Legacy Bulldogges otherwise.  All costs involved in the repossession of the puppy will result in small claims court pursuant to the state laws of Pennsylvania. Seller signature ______________________________________  Date Buyer signature_______________________________________ Date Co-owner Signature ________________________________________Date The buyer(s) and breeder agree that this is the full and complete agreement that exists between the parties for the sale of the above puppy.  Any agreements prior to this are considered incorporated herein and any modification of this agreement shall be made in writing or shall not be effective. This agreement is to be in effect upon receipt of full payment and transfer of physical possession of the above said puppy.  
copyright Living A Legacy Bulldogges 2011