Travel with your puppy ~Never travel with your puppy held freely on your lap.  While you may feel you are offering comfort, in an unpredictable environment during travel it is best that your puppy is transported in a plastic airline carrier with non skid bedding.  The carrier will give your pup a sense of security and you have the peace of mind knowing your puppy is safe.  We do not recommend toys included in the crate for fear of chewing and possibly choking on rough bumpy roads. ~Wire crates are not as resistant to damage should an accident occur. ~Do not leave the leash on your dog inside of the crate.  Be sure the doors to the vehicle are closed to avoid your dogs escape when attaching the leash to exit the vehicle. ~Label the airline crate with your name and phone number, your pet’s name as well as an emergency contact and phone number.  ~Remember to bring your pet first aid kit, a water dish, water and possibly a food dish depending on the length of the trip. Take an extra blanket for cold during the winter or a cooling towel for heat in the summer in case your vehicle breaks down. ~Try to avoid feeding your puppy two hours before traveling to avoid stomach upset. ~Take your pup for short rides to fun places.  Dogs learn by association and will soon look forward to the car ride.  Enjoy yourself and communicate that to the puppy.  Use a happy voice.  Do not “baby and coo” the puppy with a reassuring tone in your voice.  Make it fun.  Praise your puppy when he or she is calm and remain quiet during barking or whining moments.  Your puppy will look to you for guidance.  Let your puppy know they are in no danger through your happy tone and well timed praise. ~It is a big mistake when the only experience your puppy has with a car ride is to visit the vet.  If this is all they know, they will not want to cooperate getting in or out of the vehicle and / or they could experience high anxiety as an adult.
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